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RIB is trying so hard to make Rachel into Mercedes.

Problem with that, is that Lea doesn’t have natural chemistry with very many people (musically or acting wise). 

You can give her all of Mercedes’ friends, you can re-create all of her performances, you can give her all the solos, and you can have Finn TRY to be as encouraging towards her as Sam is towards Mercedes.

But Rachel will NEVER measure up to Mercedes. Mercedes is an all around better person than RIB could ever hope for Rachel to be.

They basically ruined her character the 1st two seasons, and then are using the 3rd season to make her “likable.” It’s obvious which relationships are forced and which aren’t. Hummelberry, Forced. Tinchel, Forced.  Pezberry, Forced.  Faberry, FORCED. 

Last time I checked, Santana and Rachel hate each other. Rachel has called Santana a whore on multiple occasions, and told her that all she’d be good for is working on a pole. Pezberry makes little to no sense. It’s almost laughable how incredibly forced it is.

Then you have Faberry/Quinncedes: Mercedes loved Quinn like a sister. She was always there for her. SHE WAS THERE WHEN BETH WAS BORN! Where was Rachel? Worried about Finn’s feelings. When Quinn didn’t have a place to stay, where was Rachel? Trying to profit off of Finn’s pain. Mercedes offered Quinn a place to stay. Quinn was never mean to Mercedes, and Mercedes was never mean to Quinn. Rachel never cared about Quinn throughout most of Seasons 1 and 2. She was only worried about Quinn when her relationship with Finn wasn’t threatened by her.

I don’t understand how Rachel can go from not giving two shits about Quinn’s feelings, to suddenly caring more about Quinn than the boy she shitted on Quinn constantly to get. That’s the thing about it I don’t understand the most. Didn’t Rachel spend all of Seasons 1 and 2 trying to get Quinn out of the way just so she can have Finn? Now she has Finn and she suddenly cares about Quinn’s feelings. And it’s not even because she’s “in love,” it’s because Quinn isn’t a threat anymore.

Mercedes always puts others first, and always lets people know that they can’t give up. Rachel always kicks people when they’re down, or makes any given situation about her. Mercedes is upfront and honest about her feelings, and Rachel bullshits her way out of everything, often scheming and committing underhanded acts (she’s done this to almost everyone on the show). Yet, somehow, in RIB’s mind, this means that Rachel should have more friends than Mercedes. In the REAL WORLD, people like Rachel would have no friends. She would probably have a boyfriend like Finn whose balls she’d keep in her purse. But that’s it. She’d have a boyfriend, but no real friends.

Fuck this show and everything it is. This is why fans shouldn’t dictate the friendships on this show.

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    «In the REAL WORLD, people like Rachel would have no friends.» Well, I think this simple sentence sums up the situation...
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    The crackhouse thing, I didn’t mind so much because it was classic Rachel. I was done with her ass after she told Kurt...
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    i never really thought about it, but they totally are! wtf please stop
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    Interesting argument…funny thing is, I don’t hate Rachel, point of fact, I miss Rachel. I miss the 1st and second season...
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